The Jane Haynes Scholarship

To further this organization’s mission as an educational forum, the Arizona Herb Association has established annual scholarships for students pursuing fields related to the use and culture of herbs

Donations to the Jane Haynes Scholarships fund may be sent to: Arizona Herb Association, PO Box 63101, Phoenix, AZ 85082-3101, or submitted to the Treasurer at any AHA function. All donations are tax-deductible; donors will receive a letter of receipt for tax purposes.

If no applications are received or if those applications do not meet the standards established by the AHA, the scholarships may not be awarded in a given year, at the discretion of the Awards Committee and the AHA Board of Directors.

The scholarships have been named to honor the AHA founding member and past president, Jane Haynes. Jane’s knowledge and lifelong love of herbs has been an inspiration to us all.

Through the Jane Haynes Scholarships, the the Arizona Herb Association seeks to encourage the appreciation of herbs in our society, both in their culinary uses and in horticulture applications.The scholarships are funded through AHA member donations, special fund raisers and budget allocations as necessary. A Jane Haynes Scholarship Awards Committee is established each year and is comprised of AHA members who review the applications and determine the scholarship recipients.

Students who wish to apply for these scholarships should contact the financial aid office or department head at their respective schools for details on the requirements, copy and paste, or print and mail the application that follows this article. A student may receive the scholarship only one time during their course of study.

If you would like to donate to the Jane Haynes Scholarship: