Recommended Reading

A small selection of the best books recommended by the Arizona Herb Association

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To order the Low Desert Herb Garden Handbook by mail, please send your current mailing address and a check in the amount of $15 to the following address:

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Desert Gardening for Beginners

This book covers all the basics for desert gardeners. Chapters include desert soil characteristics, soil preparation, removing Bermuda grass, garden design and location, making compost, cultivation techniques, effective watering, managing insects, diagnosing problems, as well as specific tips for vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Also includes our three planting calendars that provide the best months to sow hundreds of vegetables, flowers and herbs for maximum success. Published by the Master Gardener Press.

cover of Desert Gardening for Beginners book

Desert Landscaping for Beginners

Successful landscaping in the Southwest requires a different set of techniques than used by gardeners in most of the Country. Desert Landscaping for Beginners contains the latest research-based information from the University of Arizona, written in user-friendly language. Each chapter was written by a local expert with years of experience in that subject. Published by the Master Gardener Press.

cover of Desert Landscaping for Beginners book

Earth-friendly Desert Gardening

Regardless of your gardening experience, you can easily save money on utility bills, conserve water, reduce yard waste sent to landfills, and create a low-maintenance landscape that is in balance with its natural surroundings. Published by the Master Gardener Press.

cover of Earth-Friendly Desert Gardening book

In addition, the AHA carries a large selection of books on herb-related topics for sale at special events and meetings.